Aglaia Kong

Founder& CEO/CTO Of LeapFive

Technical expert and leader in the intersecting fields of the Internet of Things and multiple technologies. Served as CTO of Google Enterprise Networks and Google Cloud Office, CTO and Vice President of Cisco Internet of Things Solutions, CTO and Vice President of Symantec and other leadership positions.

Boho Yuan

Engineering VP Of LeapFive

Bachelor of Electronic Information from Wuhan University of Technology, Master of Data Communication from Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. Served as senior director of FiberHome‘s chip company and the senior director of Starfive Technology. Responsible for RISC-V-based SOC chips and hardware solutions; current LeapFive Technology Engineering  VP.

Tudy Tu

Head of Finance

Senior financial expert, who once served as the national CFO of ZTE Indonesia and the national CFO of the Philippines, with 15 years of financial management experience at home and abroad.

Chethan Som

Software Development VP

Served as president and director of Chipwerks, and other leadership positions in Exaleap and Freescale.