LeapFive developed the first RISC-V-based

high-performance IoT WiFi/BLE in the industry

The highly integrated WiFi chip is used for ultra-low-cost and low-power IoT wireless connection applications.

Its core comes from the first chip design based on the WiFi/BLE combined function developed by RISC-V in the real world.


BF2 chip(细滘:Xi Jiao)

Based on RISC-V instruction set

Ultra-low power consumption

Ultra-small area

Excellent RF performance

Flexible and programmable I/O multiplexing

Security feature guarantee

Product features

*IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz, 1×1)
*Support series of Wi-Fi security features:
*SoftAP and sniffer multiple modes
*Integrated balun, PA/LNA signal enhancement
*32-bit RISC-V
*Working frequency 160MHz
*CPU that supports floating-point computing capabilities
*1 10-bit DAC, 1 12-bit ADC
*1 passive infrared detector
*1 infrared control hardware accelerator
*16 or 23 GPIO (package option)
*Support external 24/32/38.4/40MHz crystal oscillator
*Internal RC 32KHz
*RC 32MHz crystal oscillator inside the crystal oscillator
*1 RTC counter
*2 32-bit general-purpose counters
*4 DMA channels
*1 QSPI FLASH expansion interface
*Secure boot
*Support AES 128/192/256 encryption/decryption
*Support SHA-1/224/256 encryption/decryption
*True random number generation
*1 SDIO 2.0 slave interface
*1 SPI master/slave interface
*2 UART communication interfaces
*1 I2C master/slave device interface
*5 PWM channels
*2 analog signal comparators/h5>

Application field

*Smart blinds
*Alarm system
*Door and window motion sensor
*Smart detector
*IP camera
*Access control (digital key)
*Smart doorbell
*Smoke alarm
*Air quality sensor

*Smart toothbrush
*Smart kettle
*Smart coffee machine
*Smart air conditioner
*Smart refrigerator
*Smart washing machine
*Smart oven
*smart vacuum cleaner

*Smart thermostat
*Energy management
*Intelligent control radiator
*Smart meter
*Remote monitor
*Smart lighting
*Intelligent lighting control

*Resonance scale
*Blood pressure monitor
*Fitness activity tracker
*Smart baby monitor
*Drug monitoring/reminder
*Disease activity check

*Multi-channel streaming audio
*Smart TV
*Smart set-top box
*Smart tuner/amplifier/receiver
*Household plug